Community Credit Union

Member Voting Details

Community Credit Union, New Ross Credit Union and Victory Credit Union are proposing a merger to build a strong and sustainable credit union to serve members, employees, and community.
Members can vote on the proposed merger – June 3 to 14.

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One Member. One Vote.

As a member you have a say in determining the future of your credit union. We encourage you to view the plan details and supporting documents to ensure you have the information you need to make your decision.

Who Can Vote?

  • All members of the credit union, age 18 or older holding the required shares for membership.
  • Eligible members are entitled to one vote only. No member can vote more than once.
  • Where membership is held jointly by 2 or more persons, the membership is entitled to one vote. If within the joint membership, 2 individuals each hold the minimum share value for membership, they are entitled to one vote each.
  • A business, corporation or organization may vote through an appointed representative.

How You Vote?

  • During the voting period, members will be able to vote online using our secure, confidential voting platform. A link to the voting platform will be available on our website, shared on social media and emailed (for those whom we have valid email addresses) when voting opens.
  • Members eligible to vote can access the voting platform using their membership info.
    • Voter ID – your ID is a modified 8-digit account number. Primary members: zeros replace the 6th and 7th digits – XXXXX00X. For Joint, the 6th digit is a 0 and 7th reflects their joint record status. If you do not know your member number refer to your bank statement, online banking profile or call your branch.
    • Voter Password – for personal members, this is your Date of Birth in the following format: YYYYMMDD. For organizations, use the password provided to you by the credit union.
  • Members will also be able to access the voting platform or a paper ballot by visiting their branch during normal business hours. A voting station will be available to support the voting process.

Voting Period.

  • June 3-14: Voting opens on Monday June 3 at 6:00PM and closes on Friday June 14 at 9:00AM.

Your Vote Supports Your Community

To encourage member participation, $1 will be donated for every ballot received during the voting period to local charities.

Community Credit Union will support the Truro Housing Outreach and Cumberland Homelessness and Housing Support organizations. New Ross Credit Union will support Feed Nova Scotia – Chester. Victory Credit Union will support Feed Nova Scotia – Windsor Foodbank & Hants North Food Bank .